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Best of the Best

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Since I’ve gotten back to the States, I’ve repeatedly been asked two (very difficult) questions:

1) What was your favorite place?

2) What was the best thing you ate?

If forced to choose…


My 3 Favorite Towns:

1) Barcelona

2) San Sebastian

3) A tie between Granada and Madrid


I tried to narrow it to ten, but couldn’t…

My 12 Favorite Foods:

1) Cocido Madrileno (Taberna de la Daniela, Madrid)

2) Goat Cheese and Pear Puree Pintxo (Haizea, San Sebastian)

3) Basil Ice Cream with Chocolate in Strawberry Soup (Arzak, San Sebastian)

4) Tortilla Espagnola (Cal Pep, Barcelona) 

5) Butifarra y Sanfaina (La Rosca, Barcelona)

6) Jamon Bellota (Mercado Central, Salamanca)

7) Chirimoya (Bar Picnic, Barcelona)

8) Percebes (Restaurante El 10, A Coruna)

9) Pastel Con Nata (Rua do Loreto, Lisbon)

10) Manchego Cheese (Finca Prudencia, Tembleque)

11) Marzipan (Santo Tome, Toledo)

12) Roast Lamb (Casa Hortensia, Madrid)


Ready to Fly!

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My boarding pass says “You’re ready to fly.”  Yes, yes, I am!  The reality of this trip, which has seemed almost absurd until now, is finally sinking into me.  The plane is ready to board; I am going to taste my way through Spain.

Until Madrid…